Sunday, March 20, 2016

TechClash 2016: Into the World of Technopreneurship

a snapshot from the orientation day
Having never joined a tech competition before, I was amazed at how diverse and supportive its community is. From college students to startup CEOs, TechClash’s volunteers and speakers gave us high school participants an array of resources and knowledge on how to enter, work, and succeed in the tech industry and make our product pitches stand out.

the two teams of the Multiple Intelligence International School
the two teams of the Multiple Intelligence International School (MIIS)
After long days of planning and research, my team and I made it to presentation day and successfully delivered our pitch. Upon making it to the top three groups, we presented again and nabbed first place for our product, EduGo, an online app that empowers both students and mentors.
The entire team was ecstatic that we won and our school and families showed their support. And now, a month later, I tell myself that my passion for tech and entrepreneurship won’t stop from there.
Currently, I am learning how to code so that one day I will be able to make my ideas a reality. With the help and inspiration from organizations such as YouthHack, Girls Who Code, and, I am working towards speaking (or more like typing) the language of creators, dreamers, and coders all around the world.

Team EduGo
Thank you to The Garage PH for all of the great photos! 
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