Saturday, April 16, 2016

I Made a Bookstagram!

A couple of weeks ago, I created my very own bookstagram (aka books + Instagram). In this social media account, I've been perusing photos of beautiful books and have gotten quite inspired to up my book photography game!

 Check out my profile here:

What really inspired me to do this were two extremely talented bookstragrammers, @blueeyedbibilio and @bookishnessandcoffee. Their posts made me think, "Sure, we shouldn't judge books by their covers, but I would love to have beautiful books on my shelves!" 

I hope that you all are as inspired by their photos as I am, and will pick up a book very soon. Spreading literacy through photography has never been this pretty! Hope you're having a great day and if you want to check out more updates, please do follow me on Bloglovin' and Instagram! 


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